About Us

The Nature Academy is a program for middle-school students who love to read and write extensively, explore widely, and contribute meaningfully to their community. Science and its interaction with societal issues, coupled with character development, form the foundation for our studies.

Developed as a school to meet the needs of students looking for a challenge- academically, physically, emotionally, and socially - the Nature Academy is committed to offering enriched education. Based on the ideal of the scholar-adventurer, the Nature Academy offers a rigorous academic program featuring intensive and extensive math, reading, and writing expectations.
It demands that students not only complete assignments, but do so at a consistently personal best level- often exceeding the demands of the assignment.

Because we firmly believe in scholarship first, and adventure to follow, Nature Academy students often have as much or more homework than their peers attending other local middle schools.  Further, we seek to offer opportunities to act, draw, build, and contribute to the community in addition to the rigorous reading and writing expectations.  Participation on adventures- be it hiking in Yosemite, snorkeling on Catalina Island, or kayaking on the Monterey Bay – is contingent upon students’ academic performance and behavioral excellence. These policies guide and form our extensive educational adventures into the world around us- our classroom without walls.

Simply stated, Nature Academy students are fully expected to work hard first, play hard second, and contribute positively to themselves, their school, their families, and their community always.
We believe parents and students are extremely lucky to live in a place where so many excellent and diverse educational opportunities are available. The Nature Academy follows the overall Charter philosophy of a choice-based education. When making a choice regarding a child’s education, looking for the best fit requires an understanding of all the choices available. Within the SLV Charter program, middle school students can attend the Nature Academy, Coast Redwood Middle School or Charter 25 Homeschool (which offers classes for all grades K-12). As high schoolers the added choices of Coast Redwood and White Oak High Schools become available. For more information regarding SLV Charter Schools, go to http://www.slv.k12.ca.us/charter/

Additionally, within SLVMS a wide array of programs and talented teachers are available to students.  SLVMS also offers additionally supported classes for students with IEPs in Language Arts and Math.  Taught by multiple-credentialed teachers and supported by classroom aides, these classes regularly provide the smallest teacher-student ratios available in the district. SLVMS also has an after school tutoring program taught by credentialed teachers which, due to funding and time constraints, the Nature Academy does not offer.

Our wish is for all students to be able to find the best match for their educational needs, recognizing that no program is likely to meet all needs for all students.

We base all we do on our Lifeskills and Lifelong guidelines. We use these everyday and any student who graduates should be able to tell you what they are.

It's what we do.